Yuzu Citron Tea (Green Tea)

YUZU CITRON TEA Delightful citrus. If Japanese tea makes Earl Grey as green tea version, Yuzu must be the unreplaceable partner of it as a role of bergamot. Yuzu citron is one of the most popular citrus-fruits in Japan used for multiple Japanese foods as a spice, seasonings and fresh essence. It has quite unique and super rich aroma which are very different from other citrus family such as lemon, orange, grapefruit, or lime. Fresh fruity aroma and its bitterness nicely match with our selected teas. Enjoy the refreshing tea time for your early morning, long work time, and night after work. Well balanced of its taste for gourmet and for health purpose.

  • Sweet Sakura Tea (Hojicha)
  • Sweet Sakura Tea (Hojicha)
  • Sweet Sakura Tea (Hojicha)


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BrandTea Boutique
Product code1478
Product NameYuzu Citron Tea (Green Tea)
Net Weight/product2g x 10TB (20g)
Best Before Date (Years)2
Product SizeD65 x W75 X H80(mm)
Product Weight45g
JAN CODE4975723-020429


Japanese traditional green tea, Sencha, blended with dried Yuzu citron peel. The smooth and mild Sencha loose leaf is scented by fresh fruity aroma of Yuzu citron are perfectly match. Enjoy Yuzu Citron Green Tea for your refreshment.


80℃, 2 min. 2g/person