Sweet Sakura Tea (Cherry Blossoms)

April is the best season for traveling to Japan. You would find pink gorgeous "Sakura", cherry blossoms everywhere you see blooming across the country. To enjoy the beautiful "Sakura", there are many ways we share the joy with bloom; Hanami, Flower viewing party under Sakura tree, or blending sakura leaf with Japanese tea to celebrate. We, Japan Greentea Co., Ltd., have succeeded expressing fugacious beauty of Sakura into our original product, SWEET SAKURA TEAs. Close your eyes and enjoy a deep and bright Sakura flavor for your relaxing time, the refreshing tender aroma will always carry you on a brilliantly blooming Sakura on April in Japan. Set adrift on your good memory bliss.

  • Sweet Sakura Tea (Cherry Blossoms)
  • Sweet Sakura Tea (Cherry Blossoms)
  • Sweet Sakura Tea (Cherry Blossoms)


Retail Product
BrandTea Boutique
Product codeS-9
Product NameSweet Sakura Tea
(Cherry Blossoms)
Net Weight/product2g x 6pack (12g)
Best Before Date (Years)2
Product SizeD65 x W75 X H80(mm)
Product Weight45g
JAN CODE4975723-017733


Flower tea. Experience a taste of cherry blossoms in tea. Sakura-yu, the tea called in Japanese, is served at ceremonial occasions, such as birthday or wedding. The petals unfold in boiling water like blooming cherry blossom.


80℃, 2 min. 2g/person