Initiatives for
Safety and Security

For Health of Mind and

As the trading company specializing in herbs and tea, we are challenging continuously with our strong network and our product development capabilities for delicious teatime and healthy life in the world.
To ensure stable supply of high-quality and safe products, we have built network with excellent suppliers both in Japan and overseas such as TEAKANNE, the European largest herbal and tea manufacturer with a 130 years history in Germany as well as working cooperatively with local producers and manufacturers.


Safety measures

We have confirmed safety and security of our products as follows.

  1. During study of introduction, we conduct investigations by inspection agencies applicable to products and ingredients.
  2. For import/Export, we select safe products which can clear the local regulations of each market.
  3. To secure safety of each lot, we organize and/or support inspections based on local regulation of each country.

Stable quality for safe products

Strict quality control

Beautiful teas and herbs, the natural products, may be mixed up in with foreign objects.
Therefore, we implement multiple sorting processes suitable for each ingredient such as by magnetic, wind power, static electricity, sieve, metal detection, and visual inspection.

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Hygiene management

In the factories, air showers and air conditioning are equipped in processing and sorting area, and staff shall work in uniforms and clean facilities and equipment.
Also, ingredients are managed appropriately based on records at sorting and communications among suppliers.
In addition to above mentioned daily management, periodical check of facilities and equipment and working area are conducted to improve quality and maintain hygiene.

Wide range of high-quality products and services

Our service is not only to supply our products and ingredients globally in bulk but we are operating various service, measuring them, packing them in bottles, tins, pouches, shrinking, arrangement of assorted and packaging to gift boxes, processing various type of tea bags, all available in small production lot to meet needs of our customers.
To make delicious products of high-quality ingredients, we always strive to improve quality by keeping our process carefully.

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For safety and health of all our customers in the world, we can supply the teas certified organic by JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) and Halal from the factories certified by FSSC22000.
Also, to contribute to a better world for people and nature, we can provide the teas from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in Japan to the world and have sold the rooibos teas in Japan from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.